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& uplifts

  • Park Entry for full day is £15 and covers use of all Downhill and 4X tracks.

  • Park entry for Weekend afternoons (12 onwards) is £8.   

  • we also run an uplift service which is £37.00 per person for the day with park entry included (see the online booking for uplifts).

Uplifts are run by our dedicated staff on a weekly basis, bookings for uplifts are made in advance by booking online. 

please note: each rider is responsible for securing their own bike to the uplift, if you have never secured a bike to the trailer before, our staff would be more than happy to show you.


Starting at approximately 9.30 (signing on from 9am) - Finish approx 3pm. It is an easy 2 min roll from the bottom of the finish area to the uplift pick up point. Drop off point at the top of the track gives direct access to the main DH courses. the uplift bus aims to complete 14 runs a day, 7 before lunch and 7 after lunch.


Please note: contact will be made if the 6 rider minimum is not achieved for the uplifts. 

BOOKING CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: FOR Cancellations received 14 days or less - no refunds given. prior to thiS A £5 admin fee will be charged.

under no circumstance should personal uplifts take place.

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