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Danny Harts Descend Bike Park News

What is happening at DHDBP?

It is about time we had a news section on our website. We've had a busy time as a business since the covid-19 restrictions were lifted but we've maybe not communicated it as best as we could have; hopefully this page will allow us to do just that. Effective communication is everything - we have our social media channels but we want a central hub for all of our news to come out on to then be disseminated via various other avenues.

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What can you expect to read about?

We will keep you informed on as much park business as we can but in the main expect to hear about:

  • work being carried out on the park

  • events such as races planned to take place at DHDBP

  • coaching sessions at DHDBP

  • MTB news; local, national and international

  • meet the riders... who rides with us, who is up and coming in the sport!

  • Product reviews

  • meet the team - who runs DHDBP and what do they do?

News, updates, features... it's here!

So, this is it, the place to visit for news about Danny Harts Descend Bike Park, the place to come to know what is happening in the world of downhill MTB. We'd love it if you engage with us either directly via this page or via the links we will post out via social media. We'll do our best to respond to each comment...

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