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DH1 into RD3 - Danny & Scott

Although taken some time ago, this video is one of the most popular on our Facebook page and what else would you expect from these two! Danny in front with Scott Mears on helmet cam! The regulars amongst you will see that the tracks that Danny and Scott take have had quite some work carried out on them since this video was taken - they are even better now, can you imagine the two of them running down DH1 and into RD3 now with the new and improved features now in place!

Which tracks?

Danny and Scott start off on DH1 and run down to the middle hut, take up NPS and then flow into RD3. It is interesting to see the slightly different lines taken, especially on NPS. Round3 can be a nice track for those new to the bottom of the hill to take up - it is fast, flowy and fun but nothing too demanding - you can jump or you can roll depending on skill level.


Many of you will know what a class rider Scott is and that he runs an amazing business called CycleFix based in the North East. Why not check him out for spares, repairs and servicing - he also sells a variety of new and previously owned bikes to suit most budgets!

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