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Mind the Gap at Danny Harts!

Trail builder Daz has been working on Mind The Gap for quite some time now and his hard work is really starting to pay dividends. It is not quite done (is a trail ever done?!) but it is getting there and is now being ridden regularly by the Descend Jump Crew!

What's new?

Apart from the regular maintenance that we carry out on all features, we have now also made changes to a line that has always been there but is now more of a progressive line that allows riders to miss out the ROAD GAP by taking the left hand line (after the shark fin) before re-joining the main section to the bottom of the track. This line is by no means easy, just less daunting than the road gap for those new to jump lines. Those attempting either line for the first time should be sure to make a good examination on foot prior to committing on your pride and joy to any of these gaps!

Is that it?

No. We have also made the feature after the Road Gap a gap jump in itself rather than a table top - some people find this daunting but if you've cleared the road gap then you will be sure to clear the next feature, table top or not! The bottom end of the jump line will have some minor changes made to it but nothing major, just a little something to finish things off nicely.

Standby for a DHDBP video show casing Mind The Gap soon!

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